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Anna said:
Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018
Thank you for the recipe / tin calculator. I've told my friends about it so I hope they avail of your great web site Anna
Lynn said:
Saturday, 11 Nov 2017
Hi, the app SubUlator doesn’t work now on my iPad io11. Are you going to update it as it was great?
Lynda said:
Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017
I work in an after school club. would be intrested in cooking cakes or biscuits during war time. this is for our week to represent REMEMBRANCE of the ones we have lost. childrens ages are 4 to 9 years. thank you
Sue said:
Sunday, 20 Aug 2017
Hello there! Just wanted to say the tip about lowering temperature for baking ( especially the Madeira cake) has been a revelation to me lol and I can confirm I am a convert! success every time, lovely even colour and baked beautifully ..Thank you I look forward to hearing from you via a newsletter. Keep on baking! love Sue
Anita said:
Monday, 5 Jun 2017
Thank you for your help.
Glynis said:
Friday, 2 Jun 2017
Excellent website. So helpful and the recipes are easy to follow.
Caroline said:
Saturday, 28 Jan 2017
This is such a great site.
Penny said:
Thursday, 25 Feb 2016
I have just come across this from a recommendation on facebook. I am looking forward to looking into it further.
Gurpreet said:
Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013
I am a member of your facebook page and I think it is amazing love all the little tips really helpful. I am not a good baker at all only bake for my family but do really enjoy it.
Shirley said:
Saturday, 14 Sep 2013
The most useful site about cakes, very complete.We can find all informations, thank you
Sue said:
Sunday, 8 Sep 2013
Excellent site and info...thanks!
Julie said:
Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013
Brilliant information thank you, I have looked at so many websites and none of them can explain in simple tearms the science of making a cake and why things go wrong I will be on here every day now.
Julie said:
Thursday, 8 Aug 2013
The automatic cake calculator is Magic. I'm sure it will be very useful. Thank you
Hannah said:
Friday, 26 Jul 2013
A fantastic site, I can't wait to start making some of these recipies
Theresa said:
Thursday, 18 Jul 2013
Im a novice baker ill certainly be enjoying the news letter
Lucinda said:
Friday, 28 Jun 2013
Love this site keep it going . great ideas. thank you.
Elaine said:
Thursday, 27 Jun 2013
Excellent page and I can incorporate a new idea for my own recipes for my home. I enjoy the kitchen recipes. Thanks and congratulations.
Myrna said:
Tuesday, 28 May 2013
I like your page
Edith said:
Monday, 27 May 2013
This website was a Godsend - THANK YOU!!!
Cara said:
Thursday, 23 May 2013
I was wondering if you were looking into having this app suitable for PC use? It is great to have and would be even better being able to utilise it on a computer
Ralph said:
Monday, 22 Apr 2013
My Wife does the baking and I have managed to copy one or two recipes from Facebook With a newsletter she will be able to bake until her heart is content. Thank you I love eating what has been baked.
Nisha said:
Monday, 15 Apr 2013
Just had a overview of your site. It is a 'must peruse through' for every cake enthusiast. Neatly presented and immensely informative.
Chandra said:
Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013
Great website. I like it..
Nicky said:
Saturday, 9 Mar 2013
Great Site, thank you
Amelia said:
Friday, 22 Feb 2013
Absolutely the best cakes I have ever seen! I also appreciate all the tips. Keep up the good work :)
Anne Marie said:
Sunday, 27 Jan 2013
Just found what I am looking for, thanks
Ngoni said:
Saturday, 19 Jan 2013
Im am new in the cake biz and have just tried the sponge cake .omg it was great . thank you
Rhoda said:
Saturday, 1 Dec 2012
This looks interesting would to learn more
Niamh said:
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012
Fantastic page, so much help and information well done.
LANDER said:
Sunday, 25 Nov 2012
Thank you so much for your wonderful site. the information you provide has been invaluable to my business start-up course.
Susan said:
Sunday, 18 Nov 2012
Unique' said:
Thursday, 15 Nov 2012
This is a great idea best thing well done :)
Raychel said:
Thursday, 8 Nov 2012
Hi, I'm thinking of starting my own cake baking business (in Australia), although I'm only in the very early stages of considering it at this stage. I read your article on starting your own business and found it useful. I look forward to your newsletters! :)
Jon said:
Wednesday, 31 Oct 2012
Much impressed with the cakulator. Thanks it makes costing so easy. All cake makers should have a look at it especially if they want to confirm that they are costing correctly.
Bushra said:
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012
Thank you for the cake
Lisa said:
Thursday, 18 Oct 2012
Great Website.I love the CakeOmeter!
Nichelle said:
Monday, 15 Oct 2012
It wonderful that there is cake
Leone said:
Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012
Just found you and singing your praises. Thank you!!
Onosedeba said:
Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012
Please i'd love to get your news letters I find your info very useful
Kathy said:
Wednesday, 3 Oct 2012
A really useful site. The cake Ometer is brilliant, I've successfully converted many recipes using it. Thanks for sharing x
Olindah said:
Friday, 21 Sep 2012
Seems you have so much to offer. thank you
Sharron said:
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012
Love this site, just saw someone talk about it on Facebook and had to have a look. Great recipes.
Emma said:
Sunday, 9 Sep 2012
Great site I've just stumbled on!
Monica said:
Saturday, 1 Sep 2012
Great website - very informative.
Caron said:
Saturday, 25 Aug 2012
Your website is such an amazing resource...thank you for sharing!!!
Lynne said:
Monday, 20 Aug 2012
Great website with information on all things "cakey"!
Nancy said:
Tuesday, 14 Aug 2012
I just found you online. I live in the US and look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you.
Fleur said:
Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012
Look forward to receiving these. Thank you.
Paula said:
Wednesday, 4 Jul 2012
Your site is brill, looking to maybe set a home made stall, thanks for the help already. Paula
Sheila said:
Friday, 22 Jun 2012
Absolutely delighted at finding a website that covers all of what I want and need to know Thank you
Claire said:
Thursday, 24 May 2012
Wow found this site by accident. It is what I've been looking for for a long time! it is fantastic thank you x
Gemma said:
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Great site , found by accident searching for a recipes ,put in WI and up you popped Thank you Gemma
SOPHIA said:
Thursday, 10 May 2012
I have enjoyed your cake recipes and would love to learn more.I am from Kenya.
Stephanie said:
Wednesday, 9 May 2012
At last I have found a site that has everything I need to know relating to baking and starting up a business if I should wish to thank you.
Beverly said:
Monday, 23 Apr 2012
Enjoying your web page a friend posted on facebook. There is alot of helpful information and recipes.
Julie said:
Sunday, 22 Apr 2012
Am new to the site but love it already and have found it very useful already.
Jan said:
Saturday, 21 Apr 2012
What a fantastic website
Anonymous said:
Monday, 9 Apr 2012
Just discovered your site and have found it really useful as I have just started my own business.
Sylvia said:
Friday, 30 Mar 2012
I'm strongly considering starting up a cake baking business, and happened up on your web site, Great information very helpful thank you
Alymer said:
Sunday, 25 Mar 2012
Its great learning.................................... cake bakers
Arthur said:
Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012
Looks a great baking site i`m just learning to cook, so really looking forward to lots of your recipes thank you arthur.
Pat said:
Friday, 9 Mar 2012
I am looking for an easy costing system hoping you can help
Elaine said:
Thursday, 23 Feb 2012
Just came across this awesome site..love the concept of the cake-o-meter! Am marking this site as one of my favorites :) Good luck and thanks!
Angela said:
Saturday, 4 Feb 2012
Your site is just fabulous.Thank you so much.
Karen said:
Monday, 9 Jan 2012
Stumbled across your site after putting in a search on Google for starting a cake business. I can't get over the amount of info you have on your site, it looks fantastic. I can't wait to start receiving your newsletter.
Lynn said:
Monday, 26 Dec 2011
Such an interesting site - love the calculators too
Tolulope said:
Monday, 19 Dec 2011
This is my first time of visiting your site.and I like what I see thank you
Christine said:
Saturday, 3 Dec 2011
By chance I found your pages a few weeks ago and although I am in the trade, have found some usefull reminders and some helpfull money saving tips. Thanks.
Anonymous said:
Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011
Seems great website
Verna said:
Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011
I'm so hooked to your blog and I'm about to start my own business and I am just waiting on my finances to be released! Great blog!
Celia said:
Tuesday, 8 Nov 2011
I Love your beautiful ideas and easy to follow instructions!
Paula said:
Saturday, 22 Oct 2011
Im going to try your carrot cake - the recipe sounds easy and delicious!
Rosemarie said:
Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011
I have just come across all your wonderful recipes today and can't wait to try your lovely chocolate cake! Rosie
Gilliane said:
Thursday, 6 Oct 2011
Really love this site.... Theres almost everything I need to know here... Thanks for all of it!! :D
Gloria said:
Sunday, 18 Sep 2011
I Love d donut recipes so easy and fast too
Tanya said:
Friday, 16 Sep 2011
Just had a quick glance at your web-site and it looks great - full of useful information.
Sue said:
Sunday, 11 Sep 2011
Hi I am a p.t.a member, of my daughter school,and we are fundrasing for our christmas fair,i along with other mums,will be baking cupcakes for our cake stall.Iam looking for christmas toppings that are different,and I like your silent night one.Thank you for this recipe,and keep up the good work! Sue young
Sabah said:
Monday, 5 Sep 2011
Just flicked through your web page its amazing keep up the good work x
Jessy said:
Saturday, 20 Aug 2011
You have a very informative blog on baking...
Keely said:
Wednesday, 17 Aug 2011
Just starting to have a look around but loving the cake-u-later. Thanks so much
Vicki said:
Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011
Lovely and very helpful site - so much information I don't know where to start first! Thank you so much Vicki
Evelyn said:
Wednesday, 1 Jun 2011
Thank you for this site. Am starting cake baking lessons this weekend.
Sarah said:
Friday, 20 May 2011
Just came across this website now and love it already. Its so simple to follow and will be refering to this site before I go baking again. Thanks
Berta said:
Thursday, 5 May 2011
Hi my son birth day next week he want fresh cake cream gulten free please can you give me infomation thank you
Funmi said:
Wednesday, 27 Apr 2011
I will be interested in cupcakes, icing and decoration. thanks.
Dave said:
Monday, 25 Apr 2011
Only just found this web site. Copied eclairs. Impressed so far. Cheers Dave Lee
Anne said:
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011
Hoping to fufill my dream setting up a cake business staring a cake decorating course in sept found your wbsite to be very informative and excellent
Jill said:
Saturday, 16 Apr 2011
Just started to bake and found this website very useful
Jenny said:
Sunday, 10 Apr 2011
These recipes are fantastic.
Rurh said:
Thursday, 7 Apr 2011
All you need to know about baking! excellent tips on how to start a cake baking business ;)
Laura said:
Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011
Fantastic website, has everything you need to know!!
Sian said:
Sunday, 20 Mar 2011
This is a fantastic website, a dream come true! I have spent ages trying to find propper informtion on setting up my own cake business. thank you!!
Cassandra said:
Monday, 14 Mar 2011
What a fab find!! Your website is so helpful from storage to recipes! I'm an instant fan, thank you!
Alan said:
Thursday, 10 Mar 2011
Very useful site for a learner like myself.
Shireen said:
Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011
A very useful and informative site. Also very easy to use and navigate. A real treasure to the would be baker!! Great Job!!
Sue said:
Sunday, 6 Mar 2011
I am looking at starting my own business for selling my cakes and have found your web site which contains a lot of information, which will hopefully allow me to be able to realise my dream.
Bally said:
Wednesday, 2 Mar 2011
Thinking of pursuing cake baking as a business opportunity. Found this website to be excellent in helping get started.
Lorraine said:
Monday, 21 Feb 2011
Really helpful web-site - best I've seen yet.
A. pricila luisa said:
Thursday, 17 Feb 2011
I really love baking and i'm very interested to learned lot's of knowledge with all aspect of baking...thank you very much...
Theresa said:
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011
Love it so much keep up the good work
Elizabeth said:
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011
I stumbled on this website by accident and am fascinated by it. I am a keen cakemaker and even thinking of pursuing it as a business. Great website with lots of information!
Elisabeth said:
Sunday, 6 Feb 2011
I love baking, though I don't get enough time to do it. I would say I'm mediocre at best but would like to become better. Any help I can get here is GREATLY appreciated.
Dawn said:
Thursday, 27 Jan 2011
Excellent and very informative site!!!
Vermar Niño Lascuña said:
Monday, 24 Jan 2011
I like your contributions on this site keep it up...
Mallisa said:
Thursday, 20 Jan 2011
Thank you for this okay
Helen said:
Monday, 17 Jan 2011
Just discovered your site and am very impressed.
SUSAN said:
Thursday, 13 Jan 2011
Great site, plenty of information!
Belinda said:
Saturday, 8 Jan 2011
Just made my first ever sponge cake using your very easy sponge cake receipt and it's brilliant! thanks
Sandra said:
Friday, 7 Jan 2011
I WILL BE GLAD TO BE PARTOF YOUR WEB SITE . I really like all u've got here ....
Dave said:
Friday, 31 Dec 2010
Really enjoyed lking through your recipe ideas
Beatrice said:
Friday, 31 Dec 2010
It's fantastic that you tell us the ingredients and that you specify why you use this ingredient over another, that does help a lot. I'm off to try the carrot cake :)
Khadijat Zoe said:
Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010
Your recipes are so interesting I just can't wait to start trying them.Beautiful website and wonderful recipes
Sue said:
Sunday, 12 Dec 2010
Just discovered this fab site, am cooking as many cakes as possible at the moment for a new business venture and will try some of your recipes out on my impatient testers! thank you x
Folake said:
Sunday, 12 Dec 2010
Baking is pleasurable n wonderful. an art of beauty and creativity...
Helen said:
Wednesday, 8 Dec 2010
Great informative website .
Sheila said:
Wednesday, 8 Dec 2010
This a great web site for the cook book fanatic, such as myself. I really love reading and then making the recipes included here.
Pauline said:
Sunday, 28 Nov 2010
Just discovered your website, thanks. Great Carrot cake recipe. Must be good when your son-in-law says so!! Can't find a 'print' facility?!
Iris said:
Sunday, 21 Nov 2010
I think your web page is wonderful!! your recipes all seem very good and the explanations very clear
Michelle said:
Saturday, 20 Nov 2010
Hi, I have just started my own cake business specialising in french style gateaux, the response has been fabulous - and am looking for information on trends and designs within the industry so I can keep myself fresh and upto date Thanks great site
Adeola said:
Friday, 12 Nov 2010
Its nice to discover d web site.know how to bake but find it abit difficult to cover well,pls pls help me out.thank you.
Douglas said:
Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010
I look forward from hearing from you I am trying to set up my own cake business so any tips would be welcome
Feyintoluwa said:
Saturday, 30 Oct 2010
U are doing a great job to improve skills and knowledge of cake lovers. kip it up!
Rosina said:
Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010
Used your easy sponge recipe excellent best I've ever made,and so easy thank you.
George said:
Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010
Just dicoverd your web site, love it already. Keep up the good work.
Patricia said:
Thursday, 21 Oct 2010
Keep up the good work
Dayo said:
Saturday, 9 Oct 2010
First and foremost I thanks the almight God for your company.
Tolulope said:
Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010
Pls,i need simple tips on cake making with pictures. Thank you.
Josie said:
Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010
What ive seen so far very good,very impressed
Paula said:
Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010
Your website is very helpful and nicely presented thank you
Pat said:
Saturday, 25 Sep 2010
Easy to read website with mouthwatering recipes. I have to cut down on fat so your suggestions are very helpful
Jules said:
Saturday, 25 Sep 2010
What a marvelous website!! So user friendly, informative, warm & welcoming and exciting!!! Thank you!! :o)
Maxine said:
Thursday, 23 Sep 2010
I would like to receive your news letter, showing me just how to make my little ones a special cake for their special day. Thank You
Ruth said:
Thursday, 23 Sep 2010
You have such a helpful webside. It is very informative. Thanks.
Olayinka said:
Thursday, 23 Sep 2010
Great Selfless contributions
Sylvia said:
Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010
What a wonderful and informative web site.
Taiwo said:
Wednesday, 8 Sep 2010
Keep up the good work.
Sofia said:
Sunday, 5 Sep 2010
Being of asian origin I can cook almost every curry under the sun, however as sad as it sounds I've never baked a cake. After buying an idiot's guide to cake making I stumbled across your site and realised that I no longer need the book as your site explains everything I need to know as well as the science (no more beating the flour into the batter just to save time). Thank you so much!
Thania said:
Saturday, 4 Sep 2010
Your website is really useful now I know where to come if I want to bake the perfect cake
Nic said:
Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
Your website is fantastic, well written and easy to understand. I'm going home to bake something tonight! Very inspiring, thank you
Rosemary said:
Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
I have been looking for a choc cake recipe made with oil instead of butter since seeing Ina Garten make one on her show. I am so pleased I've found one. Thanks
Shazia said:
Thursday, 26 Aug 2010
I enjoy baking and want to improve my skills.
Susan said:
Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010
Looking forward to baking yummy ckes
Vicki said:
Saturday, 21 Aug 2010
Beautifully written, easy and sensible facts and hints on this web site, recipes to die for, in such an organised order, you just cannot go wrong !!
Sarah said:
Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010
I have found this site really helpful - especially the information about setting up a cake making business. Many thanks
Ajennie said:
Sunday, 15 Aug 2010
I only happen to bump into this site this weekend and I hav picked up so much tips keep up the good work I shall make you my first point of contact for inspirational ideas. Thank you and god bless I shall be joining your fan page.
Nicola said:
Saturday, 14 Aug 2010
Francisca said:
Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010
I have gone through some of these recipe, and is really wonderful.I appreciate what you people are doing…I just don’t get how to do these so well until now, it was amazing. thanks so much
Carrie said:
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
Cake baker is a fantastic site, I only found it this morning and cant wait to get started. Thank you
Stacy said:
Monday, 9 Aug 2010
Wonderful site to use and keep in contact with, I love the informaiton, the culture and the easy to use layout.
Annabel said:
Friday, 6 Aug 2010
This website has been very helpful in guiding me in my cake baking efforts. I look forward to reading every single article, and to receiving the newsletter.
Olajumoke said:
Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010
Am really excited about your website,am a beginner and I hope to contribute and learn from here.Good work you are doing here.
Aracely said:
Monday, 2 Aug 2010
This is just what I was looking for! Thank you for such an informative webpage.
Sue said:
Sunday, 1 Aug 2010
Thank you for the sweet cake.
Alice said:
Friday, 23 Jul 2010
Great informative and inspiring site.Cake heaven!!
Caroline said:
Monday, 19 Jul 2010
I have just starting to make my childrens birthday cakes myself as there are no local shops for this kind of thing where I live,your cakebaker page is great it has been a big help, thanks so much :)
Jade said:
Monday, 19 Jul 2010
What an amazing website! Thank you very much for all the time and effort involved in creating it. By far the best thing I've come across
Gathoni said:
Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010
Thanks for setting up a lovely Website I wish to learn from you.
Eric said:
Saturday, 10 Jul 2010
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I love the site. I have read through several pages and found a lot of useful tips.
Claire said:
Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010
Lovely website, very informative, great ideas!
WENDY said:
Wednesday, 30 Jun 2010
Brilliant sight very clear and easy to understand thankyou
Mahalia said:
Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010
Your website is very informative.
Natalie said:
Monday, 28 Jun 2010
My uncle moved to the USA quite a few years ago and one thing he can't find out there is the recipe for a classic jam doughnut. Do you have cookery books people can purchase? Thank you!
Josephine said:
Sunday, 27 Jun 2010
I won't ever need to find another baking site again..AND I can't wait to send this to my darling Son in Law who bakes amazing cakes. Thank You for a lovely site
Mojisola said:
Thursday, 24 Jun 2010
I find your site very informative and education. Kudos to you guys and God bless you
SUE said:
Monday, 21 Jun 2010
What a FABBY site!! I found this site quite by accident and as a result, I'm on it EVERY DAY!!! I've also started to bake cakes for my colleagues at the school (teachers don't have time to bake during term-time!) using the tips on this site...they're going down a storm!! Thank you soooooo much!! lotsa luv Sue X :o)
Esther said:
Monday, 21 Jun 2010
U guys are doing a great job kudos!
Arlene said:
Saturday, 19 Jun 2010
Great recipes. I have started to bake again since coming across your website and facebook page.
CAROL said:
Saturday, 5 Jun 2010
Myra said:
Saturday, 5 Jun 2010
Wonderful site.Thankyou for demystifying icings!!
Fiona said:
Friday, 28 May 2010
Excellent recipe for egg free lemon sponge - thanks!!
Amanda said:
Saturday, 22 May 2010
Love the website, keep up the good work, am going to make the Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes this afternoon!
Arthur said:
Thursday, 20 May 2010
All recipes I have tried from this site have been great
Monisola said:
Thursday, 6 May 2010
Good afternoon this my first time of logging to this site, I will be greatful if I can get more information on cake making and decorations from this web. thanks
Hannah said:
Tuesday, 27 Apr 2010
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Your site is very well written and digestible (pun intended). I am an excited novice and even more excited now. :)
Sonya said:
Tuesday, 27 Apr 2010
Thinking of starting a cupcake business, your site is so useful, thank you so much x
Joke said:
Monday, 26 Apr 2010
You are doing a great job. Keep it up
Karin said:
Saturday, 24 Apr 2010
I'm from the Netherlands and love baking. Today I discovered this wonderful website and I'm sure it will give me ideas and inspiration to surprise my family with delicious cakes. Thank you very much!
Vivian said:
Friday, 23 Apr 2010
You guys are doing a great job and I will love to join
Tyna said:
Sunday, 18 Apr 2010
Thanks you are wönderful
Carmen said:
Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
Thanks for sharing!!!!
Sarah said:
Wednesday, 7 Apr 2010
This looks a lovely site I have just stumbled apon I look forward to ploughing through
Marlette said:
Monday, 5 Apr 2010
What a great site. I am especially looking for recipes (Madeira cake, inter alia, for diabetics)for a breadmaker (I have a Mellerware).
Cecilia said:
Sunday, 4 Apr 2010
The cakes shown looks very tempting to eat and easy to follow instructions.
Fiona said:
Thursday, 1 Apr 2010
Such a lovely site. Thank you.
Mokwena said:
Wednesday, 31 Mar 2010
Wow wish I got this web side a long tym ago, this fantastic and I love it keep up the good work
Caroline said:
Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010
Looks as if this is something to enjoy
Pricila said:
Sunday, 14 Mar 2010
Thank you , I found your site , I really need the cake decorating to update my knowledge and give other technique to my students.. thanks a lot..
Mary said:
Monday, 8 Mar 2010
Have just found your website...looking forward to trying your 'fat-free' recipes!
Hakiemah said:
Sunday, 7 Mar 2010
Great site full of lots of useful information...Thanks for all the cake baking "lessons" I've learnt so much from cake baker!!!
Susanne said:
Tuesday, 2 Mar 2010
Thank you for a great website !!! Even though I am from Germany I just love scones, .... Kind regards from Germany, Susanne Barth
Peace said:
Monday, 22 Feb 2010
Cake baker are doin a great job and I have learnt some things from them.keep the good work going
Myrtle said:
Saturday, 13 Feb 2010
I have seen some of the videos on this site very nice keep up the work . Im really interested in sugar craft , cake decorating so I was just looking at one with finishing a Christmas cake ,, Very well done ,, thanks Myrtle
Tinuke said:
Thursday, 4 Feb 2010
Its nice becoming part of wonderful and creative team
Anonymous said:
Monday, 25 Jan 2010
Thanks for this opportunity
Clare said:
Monday, 18 Jan 2010
I've just set up a cake business and found your great site today when looking for information about business set-up. It's going to be a very useful site - thanks!
Ruth said:
Saturday, 16 Jan 2010
Lost my recipe for a baked New York cheesecake, and round your site. Lovely recipe I shall use again, and probably not bother looking for old one! Thank you!
Elaine said:
Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009
Wow what a brilliant site, love the videos,really helpfull tips, thank you keep inspiring us all. Thanks Elaine
Rose said:
Monday, 21 Dec 2009
Found your site by accident, great information on all aspects of baking
Bukola said:
Saturday, 12 Dec 2009
Really like your web but am intrested in learning from you what do I do? hoping to hear from you
Doreen said:
Tuesday, 8 Dec 2009
Loved the choir boys video, it was clearly explained by the demonstrator. The written details were a bonus.Ilook forward to the newsletters.
Sue said:
Friday, 27 Nov 2009
I am gradually working my way through the recipes on your site and must tell you that I now look no further for the "best" cake recipes. Thank you.
Pantha said:
Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009
What a great site. Everything I'm looking for in one place. Thank you.
Michal said:
Thursday, 19 Nov 2009
Hey,I love your web site looking forward to some ideas of how to make fondant or gum paste characters or animals especially for kids birthday cakes
Sarah said:
Wednesday, 18 Nov 2009
I got all the information I needed off of this site I thought it was great thanx
Sarah said:
Sunday, 15 Nov 2009
I have just discovered your website, and think it's fantastic. I'm only just venturing into the world of baking, and think this will be a great tool to help me on my way. Thanks
Kim said:
Saturday, 14 Nov 2009
I happened upon this site and am I glad I did!! you're recipes and techniques are wonderful. Thank you
Maryann said:
Monday, 9 Nov 2009
I'm loving this website Thanks Maryann
Ann said:
Tuesday, 3 Nov 2009
I am thinking of starting up my on bussines and this sight is excellent for giving me ideas on what I need right up to what type of cakes to make .
Heidi said:
Monday, 2 Nov 2009
Thanks for all the information about bakering cakes. Please sent to me that.
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 31 Oct 2009
Hello I am ia from Georgia, I have fast food bakery in one the most big region of georgia, so I am very interested about cakes, becouse in my region there is no modern bakery and I plan to do it. thanks
Shan said:
Friday, 30 Oct 2009
Fantastic site, I have tried a few recipes, and so far all have been a success.
Paula said:
Friday, 30 Oct 2009
This is a fantastic site and I will be returning to look at the recipes further as I am very keen to try, well nearly all of them. I want to put my apron on now and start baking but its eleven o`clock at night, but I will be early to start.
Capdor said:
Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009
Thanks for your receipht
Dorcas said:
Monday, 19 Oct 2009
I was lucky to have browsed into your web site today. Please do kindly send me your latest on cake and how to ice cakes. Thank you.
Pasupathi said:
Thursday, 15 Oct 2009
It very useful for me because I am a bakery student of shevaroy catring college in salem(D.T). Tamilnadu,
Tola said:
Thursday, 15 Oct 2009
Doing a fantastic job keep it up!
Zue said:
Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009
New to this site, hoping to find something interesting.
Francisca said:
Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009
I enjoyed your work it is very educating keep it up
Rabeea said:
Friday, 9 Oct 2009
It is a great website,i learnt alot. please could you just help me out with a perfect recipe for brownies.pleassssssssssseeeeeeee
Isabelle said:
Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009
Dear cakebaker Thank you for those wonderful recipe's I love them keep up the good works. Thank you so much. Isabelle pantophlet
Victoria said:
Tuesday, 6 Oct 2009
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