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CakeOmeter: Convert Baking Tin Sizes

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Feb 2021 | comments*Discuss
Convert Recipe Tin Sizes Cake Calculator
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Have you ever seen a recipe but wanted to make a larger or smaller version? If so then our nifty calculator makes this a doddle. Simply enter your recipe, the tin sizes and up pops your new recipe. It can even convert from square to round tins and vice versa... If you have any thoughts please leave it in comments below...

If you're struggling to convert a favourite recipe (and cooking times) to fit a different size tin, Problem solved!! CakeBaker, the expert in Baking Apps, has come up with a brand new, nifty App also called The CakeOmeter.

The CakeOmeter

Making baking tin conversion a breeze!

Existing Recipe

Existing Baking Tin

Round Square

New Baking Tin (scaled times)

Round Square

New Recipe

Your new recipe will appear here automatically!

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This Application or the online version may not be available any longer. I have used the app for years and all of a sudden it was no more available. My saved recipes gone with it too. So unfortunate.
Pg - 27-Feb-21 @ 12:17 AM
Please show the converter for multiple tins. I'm trying to convert a 10cm tin recipe into 2x 20cm tins and there's no option for this. Help please.
Janeypoo - 15-Feb-21 @ 8:02 AM
I have the CakeOmeter app on my iPhone but it is saying the app is no longer available in the App Store is there a reason.
Me - 19-Jan-21 @ 3:33 PM
I’ve put my cake details in but it’s not bringing up the conversions .. what am I doing wrong ?
Keechy - 15-Dec-20 @ 4:36 PM
I love your CakeOmeter and have tried using it some. One thing you have left out is the number of pans used in the old recipe and the number of pans used in the new recipe. Example: I have found a recipe for a carrot cake that calls for 3 each 8" round pans. I would like to use that recipe for 2 each 10" pans. Do you have a fix for this?
Dan - 8-Dec-20 @ 7:07 PM
I have Recipe calls for 8x8x4.My pan 8x8x2.If I use 2-8x8x2.How long should they bake and what temp.Original temp 250°. for 4 hours.
Mary - 25-Nov-20 @ 2:10 PM
I’ve used the Cakeulator app for years. Why isn’t it available any more? All my much-used recipes are saved on it, but I can’t access it any more. Such a shame...
Spike - 3-Nov-20 @ 1:58 PM
I have a small rectangular cake tin measurements 12mm long x 7mm width Wantto make mini coffee cake Tried to user convertor but did not work out. Can you help please Phil
Claud - 29-Oct-20 @ 5:29 PM
I’ve converted my ingredients to a larger tin but need to convert temperature and cooking time How do i do that.
Juliec - 25-Oct-20 @ 4:26 PM
new recipe wont appear?doesn't seem to be working!
jazzy - 14-Oct-20 @ 9:53 AM
I have tried to convert a few times and had different results- so fingers crossed. Great site.
Misspelt - 10-Jun-20 @ 7:09 PM
Really gutted that this is no longer available! Please can somebody make one that is?!
alicepenn - 18-Apr-20 @ 11:59 AM
Why does the cake o meter not convert recipes anymore
No - 2-Nov-19 @ 9:52 AM
Why does the cameo etfd not convert cooking times, would be an a so fab idea & help.
Mo - 6-Aug-19 @ 6:14 PM
Great site thank you. My recipe for an 8" carrot cake tells me to put 1 1/2 two of baking Powder, same amount bicarb, same of cinnamon, 1 tsp of vanilla essence and 3/4 tsp salt could you help me with conversion to a 10 inch x 4 tin. Meant to say please?
Katz - 4-Aug-19 @ 4:49 PM
Hello I have used this many times with no issues. I have now used it to resize a 20cm square Madeira to a 20 cm round and there is something oh so wrong. It was all blended with no lumps but the butter seemed to separate and the cake was more like transparent almost pancake. Do you have any suggestions as to why this would happen? I have used the same recipe for a long time but this is the first time of changing the recipe for different tin sizes.
Jodz - 19-Jul-19 @ 4:25 AM
What happened to the cake pan converter app?
Rod - 26-Jun-19 @ 8:07 PM
An answer to the questions about why the app is no longer available in UK and Australia would be helpful. I was using it on my old iPad, but on my new one it says it is “not available in my country/region”. Please could you reply? Thank you.
Fliptop - 17-Jun-19 @ 9:26 AM
I've converted everything just fine (from 9" round carrot cake to 12" square carrot cake), but I'm confused as to how to adjust the time.Can you help please?
KatieC - 11-Jun-19 @ 2:03 PM
Why can't I install the cake o metre app on my phone.It isn't listed on Google Play Store.
No - 8-Jun-19 @ 12:48 PM
Hi, I have previously had the app and have enjoyed your program. Now it has gone and theApple store says it’s not available (Australia) it’s one of the most useful things I use and would like to have it back on my iPad. Can you help? Thanks Maggie.
Maggie - 28-May-19 @ 11:38 AM
Help please l would like to buy the cakeometer app but both my ipad & iphone tell me its not available in my area. Why is this
Maasabrush - 27-May-19 @ 3:08 PM
What ingredient is right for a 13inch cake
Abiola - 18-Mar-19 @ 4:31 PM
I put in my ingredients and the converter missed one? Help!
Debsywu - 10-Mar-19 @ 8:36 AM
On converted amount on eggs it says 11.8 do I round it up to 12 ?
Marita - 5-Feb-19 @ 1:34 PM
On cake converter where does it show cooking times. It’s converted my recipe but it’s not showing how long to cook it.
Chrissy - 3-Feb-19 @ 6:55 PM
Hi the converter says use 7.6 eggs. I’m not sure how I go about measuring the .6 what do you recommend I use. 7 or 8 eggs. Many thanks Keely
Keels - 27-Jan-19 @ 4:18 PM
Placed all ingredients, tin measures but nothing happeni7
Jacqui - 15-Jan-19 @ 1:09 PM
Not sure what im doing wrong but its saying new recipe will appear automatically but nothing else showing?
LadyK - 18-Dec-18 @ 8:17 PM
Just tried your recipe converter and it worked a treat.When I compared the two quantities it made perfectsense. Thank you so much.
Denise - 4-Dec-18 @ 12:10 PM
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