CakeBaker was formed to offer a unique reference point on we are passionate about cake baking, cake decoration and our apps!.

At Cake Baker we hope to inspire and inform you to bake and bake better. If you want to know why your cake sank, which types of tin you should invest in, or how to create an authentic Cream Tea, then Cake Baker is at your side. And if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, do get in touch and ask them!

Cake Baker is written by a team of expert cake-bakers with years of combined baking behind them. Each article focuses closely on a specific topic, such as birthday cakes for children, cupcakes, making classic scones, baking the perfect chocolate cake or even running your own cake baking business. Needless to say, each article demands a lot of research, which the writers undertake with diligence (and an increasing waistline!). Their enthusiastic expertise is supplemented with videos from baking professionals, creating what we hope is becoming a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to start – continue – or create a business, from baking.

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We listened to you…

As a result of your comments, we created the CakeUlator and CakeOmeter online tools – which you loved so much turned them into apps!

Since its inception in 2007, Cake Baker has attracted a worldwide fan base of keen bakers who subscribe to our newsletter, receive updates on the latest content, and are able to send us questions to tackle every month.

So… do you feel like baking a cake today? Welcome to Cake Baker!

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