White Chocolate Cheesecake

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to cheesecake. Recipes can be adapted to suit personal taste- and the occasion-with a minimum of fuss. White chocolate cheesecake is a little bit different and can also be adapted to suit both your palette and waistline. This cheesecake looks so fresh …

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How to Make Chilled Cheesecakes

Cheesecake lovers tend to be divided into those who adore the rich creaminess of a calorie-laden baked cheesecake, and those who prefer the lighter, fresher-tasting chilled cheesecakes. We’ve three chilled cheesecakes for you to try, all light and fruity and making ideal summer desserts – or to follow a rich …

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How to Make Baked Cheesecakes

It’s thought that cheesecake probably has its origins in Ancient Greece when a version of it was served to athletes participating in the Olympic Games. Its popularity has remained through the years, and it’s probably more popular than ever today. We have two recipes for baked cheesecakes, one using Pastry …

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