Here are 22 cake ideas starting with the letter J

  1. Jamaican Rum Cake – A rich, moist cake flavored with rum and nuts. Great for celebrations.
  2. Jaffa Cake – A small round orange-flavored sponge cake with chocolate on top and orange jelly in the middle. Popular in the UK.
  3. Jelly Roll – A light sponge cake rolled up with jam or cream inside. Fun to make and eat.
  4. Japanese Cheesecake – A fluffy, jiggly cheesecake made with cream cheese and sometimes souffléed. Delicate and delicious.
  5. Java Lava Cake – A warm, molten chocolate cake with an oozing fudgy center. Best served warm with ice cream.
  6. Jelly Doughnut Cake – A ring-shaped pound cake meant to resemble a jelly doughnut. Filled with jelly and topped with glaze.
  7. Jammy Dodger Cake – A round shortbread cake sandwiching jam, like the British biscuit. Cute for tea time.
  8. Jaffa Orange Cake – A cake flavored with oranges and chocolate, named after Jaffa oranges. Tangy and sweet.
  9. Jack-o-Lantern Cake – A festive Halloween cake shaped and decorated like a carved pumpkin. Spooky and fun!
  10. Jackfruit Cake – Made with tropical jackfruit which offers a unique fruity flavor. Exotic and delicious.
  11. Jam Cake – A Southern cake packed with jam between layers and on top. Sweet and fruity.
  12. Jellyroll Cake – A classic thin butter cake rolled around jam or cream filling. Simple and tasty.
  13. Jubilee Cake – A large, tiered sponge cake decorated with fruit and flowers. Perfect for a royal celebration.
  14. Jelly Bean Cake – Fun colorful cake decorated to look like a pile of jelly beans. Great for kids’ birthdays.
  15. Japanese Milk Cake – An extremely light and fluffy sponge cake made with milk and whipped egg whites. Melts in your mouth.
  16. Juniper Berry Cake – An aromatic olive oil cake made with juniper berries. Earthy, piney flavor.
  17. Jamaican Black Cake – A rich fruitcake from Jamaica made with molasses, spices, and rum-soaked dried fruits. For Christmas or weddings.
  18. Jaffa Cake – A light sponge base topped with orange jelly and chocolate – named after Jaffa oranges. Popular teatime treat.
  19. Jewish Honey Cake – A moist, dense cake sweetened with honey and spices for Rosh Hashanah.
  20. Jellycake – A unique cake with jelly layered throughout soft vanilla cake. Refreshing and fun to eat.
  21. Java Chip Cake – Chocolate chip cake flavored with coffee. The perfect pick-me-up dessert.
  22. Jubilee Jelly Roll – Sponge cake rolled up with berry jam, named for Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee. Festive and delicious.
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