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Welcome to all cake bakers and cake lovers! We want to inspire you to bake and help you bake better. Our site is full of tips and recipes, so if you're wondering why your cake sank, which types of tin to buy, or how to create an authentic cream tea, then we are here to help. If you run a cake making business or want to start one up, we have lots of expert cake business advice right here - and our gadgets, the CakeUlator and CakeOmeter will be sure to bowl you over.

Baking Ingredients to Subsitute

There are occasions when you will find you don’t have exactly the right ingredients suggested by a recipe. Here are some suggestions for substitute ingredients which you may find useful: Flour, Baking Powder and Dry Ingredients Self-raising flour – substitute plain flour and 1tsp baking powder per 100g. Baking powder …

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Autumn Baking: Apple Recipes

Autumn is a delicious time of year. As well as the ripest fruit leftover from summer (like tomatoes and aubergines), we are entering a new cropping season for winter squash and fennel, not to mention chestnuts, hazelnuts and blackberries in the wild. For a baker, the opportunity to try out …

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Cut Out Cookies for Children to Make

If you want to bake cut-out cookies with your children, finding the perfect recipe is crucial. So we’ve saved you time and found it. Easy to put together, easy to handle, and totally scrumptious, this simple cut-out cookie recipe gives a crumbly texture and a plain flavour that’s perfect with …

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