22 Cake Starting With The Letter E

Here is the cake list with an introduction paragraph and cakes starting with letters A through E:

There’s nothing quite like a delicious, homemade cake to celebrate special occasions or satisfy a sweet craving. Cakes come in endless variations – light and fluffy chiffon cakes, rich dense chocolate cakes, whimsical shaped novelty cakes, decadent layer cakes, and everything in between! Here is an alphabetical list of cakes ranging from A to Z, featuring both classic and creative cake recipes. Get ready to browse cake inspiration starting with every letter of the alphabet.

  1. Earl Grey Tea Cake – Flavored with bergamot, this citrusy tea makes a lovely addition to vanilla or chocolate cake.
  2. Eggnog Cake – Cake infused with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla has a wonderful eggnog flavor. Perfect for the holidays.
  3. Elderflower Cake – Subtly floral and fruity, elderflower syrup gives this cake a delicate flavor.
  4. Earth Day Cake – Celebrate Earth Day with a cake decorated with trees, flowers and animals.
  5. Easter Bunny Cake – A cake shaped and frosted to look like an adorable Easter bunny.
  6. Easter Egg Cake Pops – Brightly colored cake pops dipped in candy coating resemble decorative Easter eggs.
  7. Elvis Presley Cake – Banana cake with peanut butter frosting, inspired by his favorite snack.
  8. Eton Mess Cake – Vanilla cake layered with whipped cream, meringue and strawberries – like the classic British Eton mess dessert.
  9. Espresso Cake – Intense coffee flavor in the cake and buttercream make this perfect for coffee lovers.
  10. Eggnog Cheesecake – Sweetened cream cheese blended with eggnog makes a festive holiday cheesecake.
  11. Earthquake Cake – A retro chocolate cake that mixes all the ingredients in one pan. Also known as 1-2-3-4 cake.
  12. Eclair Cake – Vanilla cake layers sandwiched with cool whip and drizzled with chocolate and caramel.
  13. Eccles Cake – British currant-filled pastry shaped like a round cake.
  14. Emergency Cake – An easy, last minute cake made with a simple chocolate cake mix hack. Perfect for unexpected guests or cake emergencies!
  15. Election Day Cake – Patriotic red, white and blue layer cake, perfect for election day.
  16. Eternal Chocolate Cake – Decadent dark chocolate cake that will satisfy any chocolate lover.
  17. Engagement Cake – Elegant white cake decorated with fresh flowers to celebrate an engagement or wedding.
  18. Edible Cookie Dough Cake – For the cookie dough lover! Funfetti cake with a cookie dough frosting.
  19. Exploding Volcano Cake – Chocolate cake designed to look like an erupting volcano. Fun science-themed cake!
  20. English Tea Cakes – Petite, buttery cakes flavored with lemon zest, nutmeg and vanilla.
  21. Elderflower and Blackberry Cake – Light citrusy cake with fresh blackberry jam filling.
  22. Eggs in a Hole Cake – Vanilla cake with a cut-out center filled with a yellow cake “egg yolk”.
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