22 Cakes Starting With the Letter A

Cakes are a beloved dessert with endless flavors and varieties. In this article, we’ll explore 22 delicious cakes that start with the letter A. There’s an A cake for everyone – light and airy angel food cakes, rich and nutty almond cakes, fruit-filled apricot and apple cakes, and more.

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake gets its heavenly moniker from its light and airy texture. Made with only egg whites and no dairy, it has a mild sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with fruit and whipped cream. A classic angel food cake is white with a golden crust.

Apple Cake

From apple spice to apple cinnamon crumb cake, apples lend their sweetness and moisture to these cozy cakes. Baked apples, fresh apple slices, or concentrated apple butter are delicious additions. Streusel, crumble, and caramel tops take apple cake over the top.

Apricot Cake

Sweet-tart apricots add bright flavor and color to these sunny cakes. Apricots pair especially well with almond, vanilla, and citrus flavors. Glazed apricot cakes have a pretty sheen, while apricot crumble cakes are irresistibly textured.

Almond Cake

Almond cake has an unmistakable marzipan-like flavor from ground almonds and almond extract. The nutty cakes are dense, moist, and buttery with a distinctive chew. Almonds also adorn the tops, adding crunch.

Amaranth Cake

Amaranth is a tiny grain that makes a gluten-free flour perfect for cakes. Amaranth cakes have a coarse texture and nutty, molasses-like taste. Their binding powers keep these cakes moist and help replace gluten.

Arnold Palmer Cake

Named for the classic drink combo of lemonade and iced tea, these cakes blend sweet citrus with earthy tea extract. Fun designs include ombre cake layers mimicking separated iced tea.

Aunt Sally’s Cake

Originating in the South, Aunt Sally’s cake moistened with pineapple or applesauce. Warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice flavor these old-fashioned, dense cakes. Nuts are often folded into the batter before baking.

Australian Orange Cake

This cake bursts with fresh orange flavor from chunks of candied orange peel or whole segments baked into the batter. Almond meal boosts moisture in this brightly aromatic cake. A dusting of powdered sugar lets the orange shine.

Applejack Cake

For the 21+ crowd, applejack cake incorporates apple brandy or applejack for boozy flavor. Applejack’s spiced flavor blends smoothly with other apple cake spices. The alcohol keeps the crumb moist.

Amaretto Cake

The almond and cherry flavors of amaretto liqueur infuse this cake with a nutty sweetness. Bake amaretto cake as a bundt, layer cake, or soak simple syrup spiked with amaretto over sponge layers. Chocolate and caramel make tasty additions.

Anise Cake

Anise cake’s distinct licorice-like zing comes from ground aniseed. Moist and dense, spices like cinnamon, allspice, and black pepper add warmth. Sweet icings and glazes offset the strong anise flavor.

Arizona Cake

This nourishing cake gets moisture from dates and texture from chopped pecans or walnuts. It needs minimal added sugar thanks to the fruit’s sweetness. A creamy slather of cream cheese frosting balances the natural sweetness.

Austrian Sacher Cake

This beloved Austrian chocolate cake layers chocolate sponge, apricot jam, and velvety chocolate buttercream covered in dark chocolate glaze. A seal denoting its authenticity often adorns this cake.

Almond Pear Cake

Buttery almond cake studded with pears makes an elegant statement. Almond extract or amaretto syrup adds complementary flavor. A dusting of powdered sugar lets the fruit shine while keeping it simple.

Apricot Almond Cake

This delightful combination brings out apricots’ tart sweetness and pairs it with almond’s marzipan notes. Ground almonds in the cake keep it moist. Toasted almonds on top provide crunch.

Angel Food Cupcakes

For portable angel food treats, bake this light cake batter in cupcake tins. Top with fruit preserves, whipped cream, chocolate, or go classic with a light buttercream frosting.

Apple Caramel Cake

Gooey, buttery caramel takes apple cake to new heights. Caramel swirled into apple cake batter bakes into pockets of bliss. Salted caramel frosting, caramel sauce drizzle, and caramel apple garnish completes this dreamy cake.

Alfajores Cake

This South American cake mimics the sandwich cookie alfajores with dulce de leche buttercream between cake layers. Coconut, chocolate, and nuts accent the caramel filling in this rich cake.

Ambrosia Cake

This angels’ food cake envelops coconut, orange segments, pineapple, marshmallows, and whipped cream in pillowy soft cake. Toasted coconut between the layers provides textural contrast.

Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake

A touch of ancho chile pepper adds warmth to rich chocolate cake. Use olive or vegetable oil to allow the ancho’s subtle fruitiness to shine. Cayenne pepper boosts the mild heat.

Aquafaba Cake

For an eggless cake, aquafaba (chickpea liquid) replaces eggs to bind the ingredients. The mild bean flavor pairs well with honey, citrus, vanilla, and nut extracts. Perfect for vegan and allergy-friendly cakes.

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