22 Cakes Starting With The Letter C

  1. Carrot Cake – A classic cake made with grated carrots, nuts, and cream cheese frosting.
  2. Chocolate Cake – Rich, decadent chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
  3. Coconut Cake – Fluffy white cake layered with sweetened coconut flakes and cream cheese frosting.
  4. Coffee Cake – A streusel-topped cake flavored with coffee.
  5. Chiffon Cake – Light and airy cake made with oil, eggs, and flour.
  6. Cupcakes – Small, individual sized cakes baked in cupcake liners. Fun to decorate.
  7. Crepe Cake – Thin crepes layered with filling and frosted.
  8. Cassata Cake – A Sicilian cake made with ricotta and candied fruit.
  9. Cheesecake – Dense, creamy cake with a crumb crust and cream cheese filling.
  10. Croquembouche – A French cake shaped into a tall cone of choux pastry puffs filled with pastry cream.
  11. Cobbler – Fruit filling topped with a biscuit-like batter and baked.
  12. Croissant Cake – Flaky croissants layered with pastry cream.
  13. Cinnamon Roll Cake – Cinnamon roll flavors in cake form!
  14. Castella Cake – A Japanese sponge cake made with honey.
  15. Chantilly Cake – Light sponge cake filled with Chantilly cream and fruit.
  16. Cassata Siciliana – A classic Sicilian cake layered with ricotta.
  17. Chiffon Pie – A light and airy pie similar to chiffon cake.
  18. Custard Cake – Cake with a layer of custard filling.
  19. Canolli Cake – Cake baked in mini canolli shells.
  20. Chai Cake – Spiced cake flavored with chai tea.
  21. Cannoli Cake – A cannoli flavor cake with ricotta filling.
  22. Chocolate Chip Cake – Cake studded with chocolate chips throughout.
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