The CakeUlator – Get Started Costing Cakes

The CakeUlator has been designed to be very easy to use and really doesn’t need much by way of a user guide. That said, we have prepared a quick start guide to get you up and running and also to give anyone interested a feel for how The CakeUlator works.

The CakeUlator which was released on the 18th September 2012. A new version for iOS 11 is now available. If you don’t have a copy you can Download The CakeUlator from the AppStore.

1. Configure The CakeUlator

When you first use the CakeUlator you will receive a message to update the ingredients pricing. To do so go to the ‘Options’ tab and click ‘Update’. It will take around 30 seconds at which point you will have the latest prices.

When you are in this screen you should also add the name of your company, which will appear on the quotations that you send, select whether you want to use metric or imperial measurements, the currency you will use and your desired profit margin.

2. Add a recipe

To add a new recipe you simply click on the Recipes tab and select New Recipe. You name it and then select your ingredients and tasks from the selector and add the quantities.

The CakeUlator contains prices for over 100 commonly used items and tasks. Don’t worry though, if you cannot find the item you require then you can quickly add it. You can also easily edit all of our prices as many bakers buy in bulk and need The CakeUlator prices to reflect this.

3. View a summary

After you have added the recipe and before sending a quotation you can view the summary to see how the pricing works out. At this point you can go back to the recipe and edit any of the ingredients or tasks.

Here you will see the profit that you are making on the cakes. Remember that this also includes profit on the amount that you are charging for your time and not just that on the ingredients. We think that 35% is about right, but you can experiment.

4. Add a picture

At any point you have the option to add a picture of your creations. This will be attached to any quotation that you send out so your client can see an example of your work.

You will have the option to change this at any point, picking a new picture from your iPhone library. If you think you may re-use your picture for another recipe, be sure to store it in your iPhone library as the in-recipe image is only stored for that recipe.

5. Prepare your quotation

To send a quotation you select the Quotations tab and enter the customer contact details, the recipe, the quantity, a delivery date and finally a description which might describe the cake or the event.

Again, you will be presented with a summary of the quotation to allow you to amend it. When you are happy you simply press send.

6. Send your quotation

Now you are ready to send your quotation all you have to do is select whether you would like it to go via sms or email and tweak the text if required. You also have the option to fully personalise The CakeUlator’s standard quotation text to reflect your style as it might be a little formal for some!

When you have sent the quote you will have the email or sms saved in your sms or email history. The CakeUlator also saves the quotation so you can edit it and resend it at any point.

And that’s about it – for now…

There are many more screens and functions to The CakeUlator, but we wanted to give just an overview. The CakeUlator allows you to add and edit all ingredients and tasks, read tips from a professional baker every day, personalise quotes and more.

Do you need assistance?

Would you like us to add a new ingredient for you, to add a new feature, report an error or simply ask us a question? If so you can send us a message via our support page and we will respond right away.

In addition, based on user input we will be bringing out a new version of The CakeUlator towards the end of 2012. So if you could help us by providing feedback, through our support page, as to what you would like to see we would appreciate it.

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