CakeOmeter+: Get Started Converting Tin Sizes

Convert a recipe to fit your tin!

Why would you want to converting baking tin sizes anyway? Well we’ve come across this so many times we know why!

  • Match a recipe to a cake tin you actually own – how many times have you seen a great recipe but didn’t have the recommended tin size?
  • Do you have a favourite recipe that you always use in a particular 8 inch tin? Well, what if someone asked you for the same great cake but in a 10 inch size?

Just two reasons there – and with the CakeOmeter+ app, the conversion is a doddle!

A new version for iOS 11 is now available

Download The CakeOmeter from the AppStore Now.

This neat little app is really straightforward to use, but we’ve put together a handy guide just so you know what it’s all about.

1. Entering your required tin size

Go to the Tin Sizes tab:

  1. Select inches or centimetres as your unit of measure
  2. Enter the cake tin shape and size suggested by your recipe – example. Round, 8″, 2″high
  3. Enter the new cake tin shape and size you want to bake – example. Square, 10″, 10″, 2″high

Tip: Unsure of the tin height in your recipe? As a general rule – a sandwich tin is around 2″ high and a cake tin is around 4″ high.

cake dimension

2. New Volume and Cooking Time

A note is displayed telling you how much the volume has changed (from your old size to the new), in case you want to work out your new recipe this way. If you don’t want to calculate it, don’t worry! The app will do it for you, read on…

Enter your old cooking time – an approximate cooking time for your new cake size will be displayed (this is for guidance only).

cake dimension

3. Adding your recipe ingredients

The Cakeometer+ will convert your entire recipe to suit the new tin size – you can even save the recipe to use again.

Go to the Old Recipe tab. Select metric or imperial units of measurement, then click on ‘ingredient’. Key in your first ingredient, then select unit type and quantity. Proceed in the same way until your whole recipe has been entered. If you want to save the recipe, click on the save button, we suggest you include the original tin size with the name, so you can easily identify it at a later stage (e.g. Coffee marble 8″ round).

cake dimension

4. Your new recipe is here!

Go to the New Recipes tab. Your new tin size is displayed at the top, with all the new ingredient quantities below. You can even print it off by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the screen.

If you’ve saved a recipe and want to use it again for a different tin size, enter the new tin size required then go to the Old Recipe tab and select Open. Choose your recipe from the list and it will be displayed. Go to New Recipes to see your new ingredient list.

cake dimension

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