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Simplify pricing and quoting

The CakeUlator is a must for anyone who has a cake making business or who simply wants cake costing/budgeting help. If you don’t include cooking time, preparation time, decorating time and even shopping time in your costs you’re probably not selling your cakes at the right price. Use the CakeUlator to find out just how much to charge for each cake you sell, to ensure you make a success of your business.

This powerful app is available to download right now for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and all major Andoid devices.

A new version for iOS 11 is now available

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What does The CakeUlator do?

In short, The CakeUlator will let you accurately price and quote for your cakes in just minutes.

By pricing a recipe on every ingredient and task used in the preparation (and even delivery) you will know instantly the cost. The CakeUlator then adds a profit margin, defined by you, to determine a sale price, at which point you can quickly send a quote to a potential customer by email or sms.

It’s never been easier to send what’s guaranteed to be an accurate and profitable quote!!

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Where does the pricing come from?

The CakeUlator contains accurate pricing for over 100 ingredients and items used in baking and selling from flour to boxes. To keep our prices current we check them every 30 days against those of the major supermarkets in the UK, Europe, The U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The CakeUlator also has prices for common tasks including shopping, baking, decorating etc.

You can easily add additional ingredients or tasks and edit all our prices, allowing bakers who buy ingredients in bulk to reflect this in their quotes.

How easy is it to use?

The CakeUlator was designed to be both easy to use and intuitive. To price and send a quotation requires just two simple steps:

  1. Open the Recipe tab and add the individual ingredients, tasks and quantities for your recipe.
  2. Open the Quotations tab, add your customer details, select the recipe required and the quantities your customer needs, then press send via sms or send via email. Your quotation has been sent along with an image of your finished creation, if you have one saved on your iPhone.

For instructions on using The CakeUlator take a look at our Getting Started Guide.

CakeUlator is easy to use

Units and currency

The CakeUlator works using metric or imperial measurements and has pricing in GBP (£), Euros (€), USD ($), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars (AUD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and the South African Rand (ZAR) for all our items and tasks. So if you’re in the USA you might use Imperial/USD, in Europe metric/Euro and in the UK metric/GBP.

Version 2

In October 2012 we released version 1.1 of the iPhone app, which supports the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar and South African Rand in addition to the British Pound, Euro and U.S. Dollar.

Version 2 was released in early November 2012 and has support for US Cups, Pints, Teaspoons etc as units of measures in recipes, allows for multiple recipes per quote, offers easier inputting for your own ingredients, has backup and restore, allows printing of recipes and the ability to send recipes out via email. We have recently released the latest version with the added functionality of recipe values reflecting changes in ingredient prices and the ability to select an ingredient by letter. We have a number of ideas for enhancements to future versions which we have already started working on. It would also be great to hear from you so please let us know of any changes, additions or feature enhancements that you would like.

Can we assist you?

Would you like us to add a new ingredient for you, to add a new feature, report an error or simply ask us a question? If so you can send us a message via our support page and we will respond right away.

We believe that if you bake cakes and sell them you will find The CakeUlator invaluable!!

And you think so too…

Here are just a few of the great comments we’ve had flooding in from users so far:

“Thank you so much for this very VERY clever app! I’m just starting out in the baking for money world and it has helped me so much”

“This app is absolutely wonderful. Used it for the first time and pricing has never been so easy especially the part of paying myself, charging for all the tasks etc – I love that I can adapt it to my own recipe”.

“Amazing Amazing Amazing !!!! I almost cried with joy !! I’m able to quote on the move respond quickly and efficiently and it has taken out the stress of the back office work Thank You Thank You !! I’m dyslexic so triple thank you :))”

“I use this practically every day – fabulous app!”

“Can I just say how brilliant this app is? Thank you so much for developing it, we have been waiting a while but it is 110% worth the wait!”

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