The SubUlator – Ultimate Food Substitutes App

Transform your attitude to cooking and baking with the SubUlator app from CakeBaker. No need to waste time and money dashing out to the shops if you don’t have the right ingredient; check out the SubUlator first and surprise yourself with what you can use instead.

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Avoiding Certain Foods?

Perhaps you have special dietary or nutritional requirements and need to avoid certain foods? Don’t let that stop you from following a delicious recipe. With all our alternatives we specify whether they are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low sugar or low fat.

“I love this app so much! I had a last minute call to say one of my party guests was gluten intolerant. The SubUlator told me just what I could use instead of both plain flour and beer in my speciality beer batter – worked a treat!”

Subsitutes at Your Finger Tips

When we designed the SubUlator, we wanted to create something that would give us the information we needed in an instant; we believe we have achieved exactly that. No one wants to spend hours researching alternatives and then checking out dietary information. With the SubUlator you can just type in what you want to swap and all the information is there immediately.

The SubUlator contains over 530 substitutions for commonly – and not so commonly – used foods, together with extensive notes and instructions for each. No milk? We have nine workable alternatives for you to try. No caraway seeds? Simply key in your missing ingredient and check out the substitute suggestions together with information about where each substitute idea will or won’t work.

How Does the SubUlator Contain so Much Information?

The SubUlator has been developed over a significant period of time during which, the Cakebaker team members have been researching, verifying – and testing – in the kitchen. All this research has alerted us to the fact that some substitutes require a bit of extra ‘tasting’ as you go along, so we’ve made sure that this information is available in the notes sections of the app.

list of subsitutes

How Will I Know What Quantities to Use?

For every ingredient you want to substitute, you can select your required unit of measurement. We’ve included all three options:

  • Metric (grammes, millilitres, spoons)
  • Imperial(ounces, fluid ounces and spoons)
  • Cups (US Cup measures)

All you need to do is enter your required quantities and the SubUlator will tell you exactly how much of each substitute ingredient you need.

“Life saver! I’d run out of sugar and didn’t want to strap the kids into the car and traipse off to the shops just to make a cake. The subulator suggested honey and baking powder (along with many others too!), it worked a treat in my sponge. Happy family, happy mum!”

How Do I Use the SubUlator?

  1. Type in the name of the ingredient you want to substitute or find it from the list.
  2. Select the item and you will be shown a list of all the alternatives to try together with the dietary information relevant to each one.
  3. Select the substitute you want to try, then key in your required quantities.

You’ll be given the substitute ingredient(s) with their quantities, together with instructions and information about each item.

subsitutes information

The SubUlator in Your Kitchen!

We believe the SubUlator will be the app you use most in your kitchen from now on! Not only will it save you time and money, but it will make you more knowledgeable about food ingredients and how they work with each other.

Download The Subulator for iPhone from the AppStore Now.

substitute two screen shots

Need Help?

Would you like us to make add any new features, report an error or simply ask us a question? If so you can send us a message via our support page and we will respond right away.

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