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CakeUlator: Cake Recipe Pricing Tool

By: Leigh Sexton - Updated: 14 Jun 2017 | comments*Discuss
Cakeulator Cost Cakes Prices Recipe Cake
CakeUlator Information Graphic
We've heard many times that pricing cakes to sell can be a fairly tricky task - so to help, we created the 'CakeUlator' to help you work out how much you should be selling your cakes for - to make a profit!

Simply complete the details and we will give you a suggested price for your cake based on prices obtained from three leading supermarkets which are updated every 6 weeks.

The iPhone and Android Apps are now released and have far more functionality

Take a look at the full spec on The CakeUlator or See The CakeUlator on the App Store.

Or Download The CakeUlator for Android from Google play Now.

ItemUnitQuantityPrice (p)Total (£)
ml £ 0
ItemUnitQuantityPrice (p)Total (£)
Cooking Time minute £ 0
Decorating Time minute £ 0
Delivery Time minute £ 0
Preparation Time minute £ 0
Shopping Time minute £ 0
Total cost of items:£ 0
Total cost of labour:£ 0
Profit:£ 0
Total cost:£ 0
Price per unit:£ 0

If you love this great cake gadget why not check out the app for iphone and android? Read more about it here. Or if you're looking for help to get the right recipe quantities for your cake tin size the cake o meter might be your thing.

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Laura- Your Question:
Hi, I have just calculated a cake cost for a raw cake and the price it has given me is insane! I cannot figure out how to do abunit cost for a specific weight so the calculations are all wrong! I would really appreciate a help with this. Thanks

Our Response:
Our user guide for the CakeUlator is here we hope that helps.
CakeBaker - 16-Jun-17 @ 12:59 PM
Hi, I have just calculated a cake cost for a raw cake and the price it has given me is insane! I cannot figure out how to do abunit cost for a specific weight so the calculations are all wrong! I would really appreciate a help with this. Thanks
Laura - 14-Jun-17 @ 9:00 AM
Hi, I've tried to contact you on email and twitter to sort this. It still closes within seconds and I can't use it. Could you either sort it or refund me please???
C - 5-Jun-17 @ 1:10 PM
I have just purchased the iphone app. It switches itself off after about 30 seconds. I've emailed you. Please can you suggest something to sort this out? Many thanks.
C - 7-Mar-17 @ 10:27 AM
Angel mountain - Your Question:
How do I list an item that is not in your list like cake flour

Our Response:
The cakeulator app for smartphone and tablet allows you to do this, but if you're just using the above widget, you'd have to select an item of a similar price.
CakeBaker - 3-Mar-16 @ 10:19 AM
How do I list an item that is not in your list like cake flour
Angel mountain - 2-Mar-16 @ 4:29 AM
When I put the tin sizes in and the recipe. I find it gives me 0.1 scale and .0.2 scale not sure what I do with these please.
Dancer - 17-Feb-16 @ 6:24 PM
So when will this be available for use on lap top - applemac
shoo - 26-Sep-14 @ 12:24 AM
Hi there, I got the app on my android phone, but I'm struggling with one thing - actually sending the quotes to people.It says on the app info that I can do that, but I have yet to work out how and what the process is.I'm sure it should (hopefully!) be really simple but I've tried everything I can think of and need to get it right asap.Got a few people waiting on their quotes! Also, how about the barcode scanner option where you just scan in your ingredient? Just an idea!! Much less of a priority than quote sending! Thanks so much!!
Izzy - 25-Sep-13 @ 12:38 PM
Trying to figure out how to get refund!I emailed request (since, of course, the refund policy disappears as soon as you click off of the install screen) within the 15 minutes of paying and downloading.Have a gluten free and all natural baking business and it is too complicated to adjust pricing!It's just as easy to sit down with pen & paper!The app calculated a carrot cake at $200 - there is no way.REFUND PLEASE!!!
Diane - 21-Aug-13 @ 8:46 PM
Good day Im from malaysia and I bought this application. But i cant change the currency. Pls update the currency for malaysia also. Thanks
Nesa - 13-Aug-13 @ 8:56 AM
Hello, this is so helpful, thank you. Will you consider adding a print function, so you can just print out one page with all your costings on, would really help, cheers x
PipedDelights - 19-Jul-13 @ 2:16 PM
ok so i have had this appfor a few months now but i still for the life of me cannot work out how to write the pounds and pence in this app when adding your own ingredients so for instance iwanted to add fresh lemons to the ingredientsi can do thatuntil it comes to the prices name ok unitsok gbp this is where i have the problemit shows as £0.000 so howwrite do i put 30p in because weather im trying to add £1.50 or 30p it does not make sense when you click done and add the ingredient you get something silly like 3p for 2 lemons
frustrated app user - 22-May-13 @ 5:33 PM
Would love to use this app but it is only in British pounds....can use add an option for us please? I live in Georgia!
Zane - 4-Apr-13 @ 11:32 AM
Is this in American measurements like lbs, inches, ounces, cups, tsp, etc? If not, is there one out there?
Zane - 4-Apr-13 @ 11:11 AM
I have downloaded the app for the iPhone, but find the screen too small. Are you bringing out a version that can be used on a computers (both Windows and Apple).
Kotek - 31-Mar-13 @ 12:54 PM
Iv used the online tool several times before and find it very good but now it keeps jumping to the app store despite me being on my laptop not phone/android!!! Does the online tool no longer work?? Its very frustrating
Lou - 25-Mar-13 @ 9:20 PM
I would like this tool, but would prefer to use it on my computer and not my iphone.Is it available for computer?
TasteE - 21-Mar-13 @ 6:19 PM
Can you tell me why your Cakeometer works in fl ounces/ounces but when I use your online version of the Cakeulator it works in ml/grams?
lizzie1000 - 20-Mar-13 @ 4:22 PM
Hello I am a tad confused on how to use this... Say 2kg of butter is £2.99. But I only want to use 500g of it. Can I work the new price on here?? Just I have tried on the example but it is not making sense. Please help!!
cakes and bakes - 1-Mar-13 @ 10:33 AM
When will this be on google play to purchase?
bev - 17-Feb-13 @ 8:27 PM
@ One off Occasions. On the mobile app you can save all your quotes and recipes. It's out on iphone/ipad/ipod touch and will soon be available on Android. Look for it in the app store.
CakeBaker - 28-Jan-13 @ 12:47 PM
Hi, Am I able to save my quotes to my own fold, for example. So that I don't have to input the same quantities each time? Thanks, Donna
One Off Occasions - 28-Jan-13 @ 12:38 PM
I love using this app it's so flexible,is there any way to link some of your guides to it like a reference library so I can reference back to ribbon guide while pricing
Sava9e - 22-Jan-13 @ 5:30 PM
can we use it via the laptop/computer, i have tryed ur the demo and i want to beusing theis asap, but cant
cake-e-licious - 28-Nov-12 @ 2:51 PM
I'm an android user, and would like to know when this app will be available on google play for purchase. I've asked before but I've yet to get a response.
Nicks - 26-Nov-12 @ 8:12 PM
Hi, I would like to buy the app,but I would like to put in my own prices and ingredients as I live in Nigeria. Is this possible?
Bubbles - 24-Nov-12 @ 3:25 PM
Hi Do you have a download for laptop? Thanks Patricia
Mtrs TPot - 14-Nov-12 @ 9:10 PM
Help how do I change the cakeulator from grammes to ounzrs????
aggie - 13-Nov-12 @ 9:43 PM
We are working on a new version as we speak with multiple items per quote, cups et as a unit of measurement and print/save. We will update you when it is released. We will keep on refining the CakeUlator. Thanks for being patient.
Cakebaker - 10-Oct-12 @ 5:36 AM
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